The College of Commercial Arbitrators, an invitation-only organization, both defines and promotes the highest standards of arbitrator ethics, standards of conduct, and best practices in the field of commercial arbitration-- both nationally and internationally.


The Fellows of the College are the elite within the profession.
CCA Fellows have the professional training, judgment and years of experience to undertake the most complex and difficult commercial arbitration assignments.


The CCA Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration
- 4th Edition is now available.
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College of Commercial Arbitrators (CCA)

The College of Commercial Arbitrators (CCA), comprised of nationally and internationally recognized commercial arbitrators, promotes the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and practice in the field of commercial arbitration.


An invitation only Fellowship of Elite
and Experienced Commercial Arbitrators




Keeping Arbitration Safe for Texas

It doesn't make for a good day when learning that your livelihood and passion are in jeopardy. In 2007 we were informed that the Texas Legislature was contemplating a bill that required disclosure of all arbitration awards. Panic. We were helpless.

Consent or Agreed Awards and the New York Convention – What Is the Status?

In 2018, several developments coalesced to demonstrate a felt need among international disputants for an alternative to arbitrating cases to award. The final report of the Global Pound Conferences was issued reporting on the conferences held from 2016 to 2017 in 24 countries and obtaining over 4,000 responses to consistent questions about the needs and desires of the users of ADR.

Our Mission

The Founding Board of CCA held the view that a national organization of commercial arbitrators could provide a meaningful contribution to the profession, the public and to the businesses and lawyers who depend on commercial arbitration as a primary means of dispute resolution.

  • Create a fellowship of arbitrators whose professional training and experience qualify them to undertake the most complex and difficult arbitration assignments
  • Promote professionalism and high ethical practice in commercial arbitration
  • Adopt and maintain standards of conduct
  • Develop “best practices” materials
  • Provide peer training and professional development
  • Provide opportunities for interaction among peers
  • Promote diversity within commercial arbitration

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