About the CCA

The College of Commercial Arbitrators, established in 2001, celebrates and advocates excellence in the field of commercial arbitration– in the US and internationally. As the world’s most prestigious commercial arbitration professional organization, the College both defines and promotes the highest standards of arbitrator ethics, standards of conduct, and best practices in commercial arbitration.

The College is an invitation-only organization that provides meaningful contribution to the profession, the public, the legal sector and to the businesses that implement commercial arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.

The Fellows of the College are the elite within the profession.  They have the professional training, judgment and years of experience to undertake the most complex and difficult commercial arbitration assignments.

Mission of CCA

The founding members of the Board of the College of Commercial Arbitrators held the view that a national organization of commercial arbitrators would provide a meaningful contribution to the profession, the public and to the businesses and lawyers who depend on commercial arbitration as a primary means of dispute resolution. The Mission of the College was defined as follows:

  • Identify those individuals whose professional training and experience qualify them to undertake the most complex and difficult arbitration assignments.
  • Promote professionalism and high ethical practice in commercial arbitration.
  • Adopt and maintain standards of conduct.
  • Develop “best practices” materials.
  • Provide peer training and professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for interaction among peers.
  • Promote diversity within commercial arbitration.

Fellowship in the College of Commercial Arbitrators is by invitation of the Board. Membership criteria include substantial experience as a commercial arbitrator, high ethical standards, and high regard in the field among academics, other neutrals and counsel. Current Fellows nominate and propose Fellows. We hope to achieve a diverse, highly selective membership, primarily of full-time commercial arbitrators and academics.

The Fellows of the College meet and communicate regularly with a view toward sharing professional experiences and ideas about commercial arbitration. The College is committed to creating and maintaining an environment and atmosphere to allow its members to communicate with each other in an intellectually safe, nurturing, civil, and respectful manner. The College is also committed to assisting in the education of the public and non-member arbitrators about recommended practices and procedures intended to support and expand the use of commercial arbitration to resolve commercial disputes.

The intellectual, charitable and service oriented atmosphere created by the Founding Group is inviting and infectious. It remains attractive to this day.

The College strives to remain a collegial, non-confrontational and rich intellectual environment.

College of Commercial Arbitrators’ Diversity Policy

The College of Commercial Arbitrators endeavors to raise awareness and understanding among our Fellows of the critical importance of diversity within the College and among commercial arbitrators in general. The College of Commercial Arbitrators believes in equal opportunities for all, regardless of color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or any other legally protected classification. The College will work to enhance participation, inclusion and leadership opportunities for arbitrators with diverse backgrounds in the College and its programs, committees and initiatives. The College of Commercial Arbitrators strongly encourages its Fellows to identify and nominate qualified arbitrators to become Fellows of the College. In 2012, the College of Commercial Arbitrators established an Outreach Committee whose sole purpose is to achieve greater diversity among its members…


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