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Charles Brower


General Commercial Cases:

  • Breach of hotel management agreements
  • Breach of agreement for legal services to be compensated in part by contingent or “success” fee
  • Recovery of warehoused goods
  • Customs charges
  • Breach of agreement to pay taxes and similar charges
  • Recovery under casualty insurance policies
  • Sales of goods, including
    • Creosoted wooden poles
    • Electrical cables
    • Conveyor handling equipment
    • Petroleum products
    • Portable camp facilities (for use in oil field operations)
    • Photographic supplies
    • Irrigation equipment
    • Bulk fertilizer
    • Kitchen cabinet sets
    • Closed circuit television system for international airport
    • Helicopter engines
  • Sales of services, including
    • Various expert consultancy contracts with foreign governmental entities
    • Auditing and monitoring major construction project
    • Pre-bid assistance to successful bidder on contract to install automated walkways (“people movers”)
      in major metropolitan airports
    • Geophysical exploration and related activities for oil and gas companies
    • Drilling contracts with foreign state oil and gas companies
    • Servicing and maintenance of helicopter engines
    • Claims for pay by discharged expatriate employees
  • Distributorship Agreements
    • Claims for breach
    • Collection of sums due
  • Collection of various forms of debt
  • Validity of guarantees
  • Letters of credit
    • Validity
    • Collection
  • Contract issues arising out of agreement for consolidation of state foreign trade financing bank of formerly communist
    Central European country
Technology Transfer (and Projects)
  • Contract for principal American telephone communications company to modernize civil and military telecommunications
    system of foreign country
  • Pharmaceutical joint venture
  • Publishing joint venture by major American publisher in foreign country
  • Contract between one of the largest American chemical producers and a major Asian concern regarding the processing
    of silane into polysilicon for use in computer chips
  • Development of system for computerized translation between English and a Middle Eastern language
Construction and Engineering of Processing Plants
  • Power purchase agreement involving $150 million power generating plant in African country
  • Contracts between American corporation and foreign companies to provide design for and construct integrated plants
    for the processing of wood pulp and manufacture of paper products
  • Contract between American copper mining and smelting company and foreign state copper enterprise for the development,
    construction and operation of an open cast copper mine, related plant and smelter
  • Joint venture between major American oil company and foreign state governmental entities for joint venture to build
    and operate plant for the production of sulphur, natural gas liquids and liquified petroleum gas from associated gas
  • Agreement between American aluminum company and foreign state-owned aluminum company for the design, construction
    and operation of an aluminum smelting, processing and manufacturing plant
  • Agreement between American-Korean joint venture and international consortium for latter to design, construct and equip
    a pickling line and tandem cold mill for the processing of hot-rolled sheet and tin coils of steel
General Construction
  • Construction of a major hydroelectric power dam and associated infrastructure
  • Construction of extensive agricultural irrigation facilities
  • Project for manufacture, sale and erection of 500 prefabricated single-family residential dwellings
  • Various civil works for military defense and civil aviation facilities in foreign country
  • Major road building
  • Construction of recreational cabins and sites for leisure use of military personnel
  • Application of deck coating substance to municipal sports stadium
  • Construction of all or portions of four major oil and gas pipelines together with associated civil and mechanical
  • Construction of all civil works in conjunction with modernization and expansion of entire civil and military air traffic
    control network of a foreign country
  • Construction of portions of tunnels for major metropolitan subway system
  • Construction of various power transmission lines and substations
Investment Disputes (Expropriation)
  • Expropriation of oil rigs
  • Expropriation of interest in joint venture producing sulphur, natural gas liquids and liquified petroleum gas
  • Expropriation of major international oil companies' interest as members of consortium operating in foreign country
  • Expropriation of investment in photographic supply business
  • Expropriation of interest in telecommunications business
  • Expropriation of heavy construction equipment
  • Expropriation of various other types of oil services equipment
  • Expropriation of investment in telephone company
  • Expropriation of interest in a hotel operation
  • Dispute as to level of charges to be assessed by state investment authority in respect of foreign banking operation
  • Expropriation of investment in lease of saltgathering resources
  • Expropriation of forest, farm and recreational lands
  • Expropriation of petroleum concessions
  • Expropriation of biodiversity-rich dry tropical forest for conservation as national park
  • Expropriation, denial of national treatment and unlawful imposition of performance standards with respect to fuel
    additive enterprise
  • Expropriation of enterprise handling entirety of a country’s principal export commodity (constituting bulk of
    country’s gross national product)
Sales of Military Equipment (and Related Services)
  • Sales of military aerospace products
  • Contracts for repairs of military helicopter engines
  • Breach of contracts to build and operate tank arsenal and perform tank conversion work
  • Breach of warranty and latent defects in more than 300 military helicopters
  • Demand for delivery of one submarine, one fighter aircraft, two helicopters, one Hawk missile battery and miscellaneous
    additional military equipment (or alternative claim for compensation)
Wrongful Expulsion of Aliens
  • Claims by foreign nationals of torture by and expulsion from the United States
  • Claims by Americans of wrongful expulsion from foreign country
Treaty Interpretation
  • Interpretation of treaty to determine admissibility of certain bank claims
  • Interpretation of treaty to establish approximately $450 million liability of the New York Federal Reserve Bank
  • Treaty interpretation regarding enforceability of arbitral awards
  • Issue as to whether or not bilateral investment treaty is in force
Miscellaneous Issues
  • Granting or denial of requests for recommendation of interim measures
  • Conservatory measures
  • Requests to suspend municipal judicial proceedings
  • Determinations of arbitral jurisdiction over parties or claims
  • Appointment of experts
  • Post-award requests for correction, rectification and annulment
  • Reopening case based on alleged perjury and forgery
  • Interpretation of award
  • Interpretation of forum selection clauses
  • Interest
  • Rate of interest
  • Dates from which and to which interest is calculated
  • Compound or simple interest
  • Agreements of parties regarding interest
  • Applicability of statutes of limitations or contractual prescriptive periods
  • Nationality of claims (and evidence required to prove same)
  • Admissibility of claims and counterclaims
  • Validity of assignments
  • Currency in which award is to be rendered and paid
  • Evidentiary rulings


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