Comparison of Selected International Arbitration Rules, 2018 Edition

A comparison of the latest international arbitration rules from five major providers, updated for 2018.
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Do Arbitrators Know the Law (and Should They Find it Themselves)?

An edited and condensed transcript of a broader panel discussion on "Cutting-Edge Topics in Commercial Arbitration".
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Effective Advocacy in Arbitration

This article explores the benefits of arbitration over litigation and provides practical pointers for trial lawyers who want to sharpen their advocacy skills in arbitration.
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Expert Q&A on International Arbitration in New York

New York has hosted more international arbitrations over the last several years than ever before. What are some of the reasons for this change? One factor contributing to this change is an increase in cross-border transactions involving...
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Emergency Arbitration: Fast, Effective and Economical

Where a party needs immediate legal relief, emergency arbitration can often provide it...
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In-House Counsel’s Key Role in Arbitration: Ensuring the Process Meets Company Expectations

In-house attorneys tend to confront questions about arbitration at two discrete junctures: during the contract-ing process and...
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Proposed Legislation Undermines Business to Business Arbitration

Last November, The New York Times ran three front-page articles and a follow-up editorial excoriating companies who...
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Patent Arbitration: It Still Makes Good Sense

Dire predictions have recently been made by commentators pondering the future of patent arbitration in light of...
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Stiffing the Arbitrators: The Problem of Nonpayment in Commercial Arbitration

There is a hole in our arbitral system. Despite being among the most efficient and prevalent means of resolving commercial disputes, and one generally favored by courts,3 arbitration is dangerously susceptible to the problem of nonpayment...
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Arbitration Tips and Traps for Corporate Counsel

Arbitration is a field of study worthy of Hermann Rorschach. Parties who bring to it a preference for the formality and forensic opportunities of litigation see arbitration as the Wild West. Others, who prefer...
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Arbitration Do’s and Don’ts for the Trial Lawyer, NY Litigator Vol. 19 No. 2

A client has just asked you to represent it in the arbitration of a contract dispute. The case looks pretty much like others you have taken to bench or jury trial victories. You think you are all set. Think again...
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The New 2014 WIPO ADR Rule Set: Flexible, Efficient and Improved

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, a self-funded agency of the United Nations, acts as a global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation...
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When Speed and Cost Matter: Emergency and Expedited Arbitration

Often, a disputant needs immediate relief. This happens when a counter-disputant, anticipating the commencement of legal action against it, unilaterally attempts to suddenly change the status quo to the detriment of his adversary. The disputant may expeditiously need...
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